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Welcome. Catechetics Online is filled with all sorts of home cooked goodness on the Catholic faith. We have large apologetic, catechetical, and references materials. I originally started the website that would become Catechetics Online almost 10 years ago. Right now the entire website is 'in flux'. All of the resources are always available, however the website is not currently being developed. Some material that was up to date and current 3 years ago, hasn't been updated since. The owner (me) is incredibly busy building his professional career as a full time MA student at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and a full time Director of Religious Education in the Diocese of Lansing. I'm also a full time dad and husband, leaving little time to work on this website. I expect to get back to developing this website in the summer of 2011 when my MA is complete. In the meantime please enjoy the resources we have, and feel free to join our small family forums. If you need anything from me, just email me - webmaster@catecheticsonline.com. That's the best way to reach me.

If you would like to assist me in this project and maintain this website and have strong experience developing websites, drop me a line as well. I'd be happy to have someone take over operations while I'm unable to. I have some unique additions I do hope to add to the website in the coming months include basic apologetic and doctrinal books on the Catholic faith that are free to download, copy, and distribute.

statement of fidelity

The administration of this website wishes it to be known that this website is at the service of our Savior Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, and to the Roman Catholic Church, its Holy Pontiff Pope Benedict XVI who is the successor of St. Peter, its Magisterium of bishops, priests, and deacons, as well as to the Sacred Scriptures and Tradition of the Church. We aim to remain faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church and take every measure we can to ensure that we do so. If at any time you feel you have found material on this website that violates this statement, please email us at once so that we may consider the claim and if necessary, make corrections. This website operates out of the State of Michigan in the Diocese of Lansing and is subject to the immediate rule of His Excellency Earl A Boyea, Bishop of Lansing.

sell catecheticsonline?

I've had a couple of amusing offers to buy catechetics online. Sorry, we aren't for sale. However, if you would like to pay off my undergraduate debt from Franciscan University and are a person of wealth, its close to $70,000. I won't give you my website, but I will pray for you every day for the rest of my natural life.

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